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DoorDing.com – The PDR Forum for Paintless Dent Repair

DoorDing.com is a place where there is full of information regarding the paintless dent removal industry. If you are newbie, veteran or even a person thinking about getting into the trade, you should stop by. But first, listen to my interview I have with Ricky Bayne as he gives his personal points of view about the PDR forum.

One of my reasons for requesting for the interview was to help the forum become even more popular. It deserves a lot of credit and Ricky with some others on the forum put in their own free time. Sure, some of the PDR forum is not all free but trust me, $45-$75 isn’t worth some trade secrets about the industry? I personally think the fees are too low. To be specific, $45 (six months) or ($75 one year) to gain access on the paid sub sections. A super affordable deal. I have learned a lot myself and it’s not all about just doing dents. How to help run your business is another big factor.

It’s not just geared towards the PDR industry. There is also a lot of paint repair posts and a specific sections there as well. But I won’t ramble on and on. Pull up a chair, get some coffee or your favorite beverage and check out this interesting interview I did with Ricky Bayne. Please comment and leave your feedback and don’t forget to like!



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