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Door Ding Removal PDR Training – Part 2a PDR Greece Students

I am going a little backwards on the training or shall I say updates. This video was showing Alex’s first real attempts at typical door dings. Not bad for learning the line board, tool tip control, working against a brace and keeping the panel free of pock marks or micro cracks.

Since then, Alex’s progress has been very fast. Today, (not shown yet) Alex showed great poise and accurate tool tip location which will be his next video clip we will show next week.

Fotis, is also showing tremendous progress and doing very well on soft dents that have hidden crowns. Both students again are expected to achieve high marks by the end of the pdr training course.

I always mention, the longer a trainee can stay, the better. There are some very important reasons why too.

-improves technique into good habit
-absorbs what is taught and given enough time to understand the full process.
-so much too learn in such a short amount of time.

Now there is no way we can teach everything to a student in 4 weeks, but we sure can guarantee our students develop accurate and successful techniques that will help him/her become a well rounded PDR technician. From deep dent removals to glue pulling, we get you prepared for all situations. Side panels, hoods, access areas, indoors and outdoors, we do it all.

So if this sounds interesting to you, please stay tuned and check out our blog or subscribe and stay updated automatically. Thanks for reading!

Myke Toledo


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  1. WOW, that is amazing how fast they learning. Well they got you Myke, you are the best PDR tech I know. I remember when you introduced me to line board, I hate it. But now, I am so glad you taught me how to use it. I wouldn’t trade if for anything else.
    I know we both agree is not about what kind of reflection is it but how well you know how to use it. And you got that mastered best.

    Keep us updated. I want to know how they doing on horizontal creases.

    take care and good luck to you all.

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