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Dent Repair San Diego – Choosing the Right PDR Company is Crucial

From time to time our PDR techs see prior paintless dent removal / repair attempts that just simply are butchered. Unnecessary drilled holes that absolutely can create more of a problem in the future. If you notice, there are small cracks in the paint that actually look like bad acne. Leaving your vehicle with not just a lumpy look but future rust problems as well.

It is always important to ask yourself what is the most important? Quality or price? With any trade, in the end, you’ll always be concerned with quality. Check out a companies profile, references and obviously their work. That should always come first. A lot of PDR companies claim they have years of experience but you would be surprised it is actually months or year or two at the most.

Here at Dent Time, we guarantee a complete removal or no charge will be applied. We pull no strings. We can determine how your repair will be completed before we even attempt the PDR repair. You have nothing to loose. Just email us your photos and we’ll have a quick quote back to you within 30 minutes or less! From there, if you happy with our quote, we’ll set up a mobile unit to arrive at your location (home / office) within 24 hours. Your repair will completed to your satisfaction and or no charge will be applied. It’s that simple.

On-site. Done right! Call us today at 800.420.DENT (3368) or 858.699.2054

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PDR Repairs / Articles

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