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Dent Craft Tools Whale Tail Review

Fat Head Whale TailI have used a lot of whale tails and it seems to me that Dent Craft is mainly my favorite. Although, I can’t complain about Ultra’s wide hammer head or Blehm’s tools either. They all make great tools and you won’t catch me always with just one brand. I’m sure you people (pdr technicians) who are reading this, feel the same.

Dent Craft IMO, maintains a high standard in their whale tails. Again, nothing against other tool companies. But everyone knows, including tool manufactures, there are strong points in every PDR tool company. Some make certain tools better than others.

I haven’t had a chance to review Dent Craft but now I do. So I reviewed the tools I use most from them and it’s their strong, thin and durable whale tails. I almost kiss them every time I have to fight through a brace or tight area. I make money with these tools and there I sure would loose money if I hadn’t bought them in the first place.

So I shot a little footage and thought I would give a little opinion about them and hope you feel the same. It’s really my recommendation your buy at least one of each but my top three would be the 1/2″, 1″ and 2″ whale tails. You may want a short and long one of each as well. I do. 🙂 Here’s my take and hope you enjoy the video.

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