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I created a little ad for my customers to easily see and understand. Not everyone has time to take a photo and then go to their computer and upload a photo. So we created a helpful ad that allows our customers to be aware that they can picture message their damaged vehicle from their camera phone. So now it’s faster, easier and no excuse to get a “quick quote” within minutes.

In general, paintless dent repair, bumper repair, paint scratches and wheel repair are ideal for estimates. All quotes are based on depth, location and access. For paint issues, location and color are more important. All estimates are not conclusive until technician arrives on location for final  inspection. 

Please picture message your photos to 858-699-2054 if you are in San Diego. We will soon be providing other cities outside of San Diego in the near future like; Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Hawaii, San Fran, Las Vegas and St. Louis, MO.