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Well folks, my Dent Time site had way more challenges than expected. We are currently working on it but did managed to launch our auto reconditioning directory website called, Recon Express.

Recon Express is a whole new and redesigned auto recon site that is tailored for everyone. This means, visitors who are in need of auto recon services will be able to find local technicians. The site is still growing and also features, tool companies and training schools as well.

It is also an educational website for paintless dent removal, bumper repair, wheel and rim repair and much more! It continues to grow and grow and be the most popular, organized directory in the nation. It also has featured videos from different members, latest news, special announcements and just a great atmosphere to check out.

Although Dent Time has some delays, it will be much similar like but have its own flavor indeed. We try to stay up with the times but like to make sure it has been done right. Our style is about quality and cutting edge. This is part of our passion that contributes to the auto reconditioning industry. So stop on by when you have a chance and sign in. You’ll be glad you did.