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Do you have a hard time finishing dents cleanly? Do have a hard time getting the last 5 – 10%? If you do, then you will want to check out this paintless dent removal training DVD. It’s about removing deep dings, cleanly and completely.

The whole point of the video is present it like you were there with me. Between the camera angles, instruction, tool selection and technique, you will find this PDR training DVD truly helpful. It’s meant for you to watch over and over because you will notice small details you didn’t before. Why? Because it gradually sinks in to your mind. Once your brain understands a certain process, it moves on to the next.

The Deep Dings 101 video will help your learning curve tremendously. Remember, the foundation about removing bigger dents starts with the smaller dents. If you can’t finish and keep it clean, no sense doing anything beyond this first. As they say, “learn to crawl before you learn to walk.”