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Today was a fantastic pdr training day with Dan Ontrop. He’s in his 4th week of paintless dent repair / removal training and he did a great job on a deep body line dent.

It was time to see how Dan could stand up on a super deep and sharp dent across a body line. I expected Dan to be on this for at least 3-4 hours. He removed this dent 95% in about 1 1/2 hours! Now if you have never done pdr, then you might think that’s a long time for such a small dent. To other experienced pdr techs, that’s impressive for a pdr training newbie who has only less than 20 true days of experience.

I had Dan do this dent outside in a pretty warm environment on a silver car. In other words, it was pretty challenging to concentrate on a dent with those kind of conditions. Silver vehicles are a very challenging on the eyes and you really need to focus to read the line board and dent correctly. But, Dan came through and his patience had been paying off. Take a look at his impressive progress.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

— Myke Toledo