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This post is about Dan Ontrop’s last and big paintless dent repair he did. It was his last day and he wanted to test himself on what he learned from the previous weeks.

I have a specific and a solid way I teach my pdr students so they can break big dents down into smaller and more manageable repairs. It’s all about recognition after a pdr student understands the fundamentals of paintless dent repair. Recognizing high spots, crowns, knocking down, pin pointing and knowing how to finish will drastically improve the overall results of a pdr repair. Keeping your dent clean is the most important. If you have miss-pushes everywhere, the dent becomes unreadable and real chewy. A lost cause and then the frustration begins to build.

Dan not only understands the fundamentals, he perfects his new learned pdr process with good habits. Even though this dent was not removed 100%, he is comfortable with his pushes and tap downs. Eventually Dan will become more experienced and quicker as he perfects the art of paintless dent removal.

For those who may think pdr appears easy, it’s not. Matter of fact, it is one of the most challenging trades to learn to date. Yes, there are many pdr techs out there and many more who take short cuts or struggling to perfect the art due to poor habits and training.

You can keep up in Dan Ontrop in Ohio through his new website For More information regarding paintless dent repair / removal training, please click here

— Myke Toledo