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Every now and then we get customers who are approached by men in parking lots claiming they do dent repair, bumper and paint work. All of them have no identification or logos. They claim they work for legit companies like Dent Time but are offering their services on the side for extra money. DON’T BELIEVE THEM!!!!

Never let these fools work on your car. Never give them money unless your vehicle looks like it should at the end. These scammers leave your vehicle half done and say all you need to do is wash it off tomorrow. Unfortunately your left with more damage than you started and it will cost you more dearly later. Sometimes these pathetic scammers eve get a hold of our business card and claim they are us. WRONG! Our technicians always wear professional uniforms, drive professional marked vehicles and give professional receipts with a written lifetime warranty.

If you ever run into these pathetic loosers, get their license plates and call the police. They are gypsys who go from town to town ripping off seniors, woman and anyone they can. Don’t let anyone work on your vehicle without a work order first. It’s the law and you have a right to a quality job as you wish.

Any questions, give us a call anytime at 800.420.3368.

Myke Toledo
Dent Time, LLC