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series4_500Well, it’s been awhile since Deep Dings 101 and it’s now time for some creases. I know some of you struggle on creases and I am sure I will help answer those questions and concerns. At least I hope. 🙂 I stop a lot of shots in the scene to thoroughly explain what to see and why it should be important. After all, you want your crease to be as clean as possible.

You will also be shown how to cross check your creases and why it’s crucial to use different tool tips along the way. I teach foundations and what you learned in the past videos carry over to this video. If you think you want to cheat and jump around, I strongly consider watch series 1, 2 and 3 before purchasing this video.

Creases n Things is getting more into the advanced PDR repair and will test your tool tip precision for sure. Again, patience is key. I show lots and lots of detail with animated diagrams guiding the way.

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