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Bentley GT – Removing Door Panel Tutorial for PDR

I created this video tutorial for my online auto reconditioning directory ReconExpress.com I think this will most techs out there who work on highline and exotics. This Bentley has to be one of the most time consuming door panel removals I have done. Lots of wires, lots of cables and lots of time if you are not use to doing a lot. Thank the lord for video! Anyways, take a peek.

It’s not a common thing to work on a Bentley. But that’s not why we filmed this door panel removal tutorial. It’s because if you ever try to wedge your tool between the glass and the skin, you will most likely bust the window! I have done at least a 100 Bentley’s and I have broken about 3 windows. How did it happen? Easy, I pushed the limit and paid for it. Literally. That’s why I thought this would be interesting to film.

Bentley windows are dual pane. In other words two separate sheets of glass laminated together. The slightest pressure can make them crack or break all together. I thought this video would be a little unique and just maybe you techs out there might be able to use this information for a Bentley PDR repair some day.

Door panels aren’t all that hard, you just have to be patient and be willing to learn. Heck, nothing is harder than learning PDR right? Anyways, check out the video and if you feel like it, let me know what ya guys think?


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