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Auto Recondition Show – Mobile Tech Expo 2010

This past weekend myself and friends (Vince and David) from DentsNoMore.com and SOSDent.com all went out to Clearwater, Florida to the Mobile Tech Expo. It’s all about.. well, you guessed it, auto reconditioning. A lot of interesting venders that offer services and products such as; paintless dent removal, bumper repair, window tinting, tools, and lots of other things that involve the auto reconditioning industry.

I brought one of my new cameras just in case I wanted to film the scene. And of course I did. I did minor interviews with some venders and pdr techs who participated in the Dent Olympics. (Winners are in the photo above from left to right; Vitaliy Jentimir -1st Place -High Tech PDR, Ryan Tarpley 2nd Place – Dent Trix and Mark Tsurkis – 3rd Place-  High Tech PDR.)  All done spontaneous so the footage wasn’t as professional as it could have been. I should have the video put together by the end of the week.

I met up with a lot of other pdr techs from around the nation and world. It was great seeing people I have chatted with online but never met in person. Being around other pdr techs who are just as passionate about pdr as I am is awesome. Time flew by as I talked to four different techs one at a time and 2-3 hours went by just like that. During the weekend, I was very surprised about all the unexpected positive feedback about the Youtube videos I had created. It’s good to hear that I helped some other pdr techs learn and grow in the pdr industry. But enough about that.

The Mobile Tech Expo is definitely a place to learn all about the auto recon industry and network with other mobile techs. From seminars to the Dent Olympics, you’ll find something that helps your mobile business become a better one. Video coming soon..

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