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Author Archives: Myke Toledo

SOS Dent Shows a Cool PDR Tip (Porsche 911 Turbo)

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Our friends at SOS Dent recently posted an article in regards to gaining access on a rear quarter panel of a Porsche 911 turbo. I have definitely been up this alley before and so I thought I would help share his article with all of you other pdr techs. It’s also not a bad article for anyone who wants to know how we go about getting to your dent without drilling. Of course if this was not possible from behind, we would definitely use a “glue pull” technique that also avoids drilling.

Here’s some of what David at SOS Dent had to say about the paintless dent repair..

Hi guys,

I had a chance to work yesterday on 09 997 turbo. It was just small ding and I thought this will be easy as always. We service Beverly Hills Porsche dealership so we work on turbos all the time. But this was first time I did quarter panel. Some panels are aluminum (hood, doors) but this was metal.  

Ding with reflection

So I lift the car up and knowing that Porsche already has factory opening in quarter panel I thought I just go through there. Well I find out that instead of inner metal structure there is something else.

Audi Crease Dent

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Happy Good Friday and Easter to all.

Creases are never fun and a crease in a bad location like near an edge are not any better. For this dent removal I am going to use a whale tail to gain access. You will also notice that the edge on the front door is kinked as well. Unfortunately this part of the damage is not repaireable with paintless dent removal. When the outside of the skin meets the inside of the skin, there is nothing to get behind. The pressure from the impact forces the energy to buckle the edge.

As for the rest of the dent in the Audi doors, it came out well. Take a look and see for yourself an you understand exactly what I mean.



Dent Repairs Don’t Always Go As Planned

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As they say, “you wins some and you loose some.” Today I lost a battle to the big dent or big crown. I was working on a Lexus RX330 and the rear door was crushed in with a super deep crown.

I learned something today I want to pass onto you or anyone interested. It always is amazing to me that I can always continue to learn from my failures. The word “failure may seem a little harsh but some may call it a challenge or obstacle.

What happened was that I used glue tabs to release the pressure underneath the crown. Problem was, I released it too well… the paint cracked. I should have used a heat gun. Was it cold out? Nope. Quite warm and 78 degrees to be exact.

The cause was that I pulled the crown up so fast from right below, the paint inside the deep crown split. So moral of the story, it would have not cracked if I used heat first. I talked to other dent guys and they said it happened to them as well. So I don’t feel too bad but I was still really disappointed it happened.

I wish I could say every dent I do comes out perfect or always successful. Truth is, they don’t. It will continue to be like this because I like the challenge. But the good thing is that the odds are usually in my favor. I hope my challenges help lead you other pdr techs with easier ones.

’91 Harley Gas Tank Dent Repair

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Well once in awhile I get customers who send me their gas tanks with dents in them. This one happens to be a Harley Davidson. In most cases, Harley Gas tanks seem to be always challenging.

This particular gas tank I used a heat gun and my favorite soft tip tools with my favorite knock down tool. I charged $350 for this repair and the job came out well as expected. I’m just glad it came out period to tell you the truth. For those who never did a had the fun opportunity removing a dent on a gas tank, then you might be in for a treat. It’s all about preperation. I don’t go anywhere without my heat gun. And yes, even though I am in sunny San Diego, I still have to heat my dents up.

Pardon my laziness for not filming lately in Hd and the profeasional editing but at lease I am able to share this with you now instead of next year. Cheers and take care.

-Myke Toledo



New Version Of PDR Price Guide – PDR Star

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Well, I just completed PDR Star’s (St. Louis / Arnold. Mo) new PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) price guide video. I wanted to give the new version some pop. But the real point of the PDR Price Guide is to inform the visitor or customer what to expect when it comes to pricing pdr.

Not everyone understands.. well to be honest, most people don’t understand why dents are more difficult than others. In this case, the PDR Price Guide video helps educate the public. Also not to mention weed out the people who think pdr is super cheap. To be honest, pdr is cheap if you compare other methods like traditional body work. But that’s why I created this video in the first place.


Big Dent Demo

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