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Well once in awhile I get customers who send me their gas tanks with dents in them. This one happens to be a Harley Davidson. In most cases, Harley Gas tanks seem to be always challenging.

This particular gas tank I used a heat gun and my favorite soft tip tools with my favorite knock down tool. I charged $350 for this repair and the job came out well as expected. I’m just glad it came out period to tell you the truth. For those who never did a had the fun opportunity removing a dent on a gas tank, then you might be in for a treat. It’s all about preperation. I don’t go anywhere without my heat gun. And yes, even though I am in sunny San Diego, I still have to heat my dents up.

Pardon my laziness for not filming lately in Hd and the profeasional editing but at lease I am able to share this with you now instead of next year. Cheers and take care.

-Myke Toledo