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Author Archives: Myke Toledo

Dents and Dings / New PDR Process Video – Australia

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I just wrapped up a non voice over video for Dents and Dings in Australia. He wanted me to create a video that demonstrates the steps in a normal pdr repair process. He said he didn’t need it fancy but I just can’t stand plain videos or boring ones for that matter.

I designed an engaging video for the viewer to understand the pdr process and feel a little entertained as well. That’s the whole point to a successful video in my opinion. So good luck to you Daniel and hope it brings you much business as well.


Ride a Long Preview Honda Element

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Today was a good day. I did another Ride a Long video for YouTube but it won’t be out anytime soon because I did a couple other ones that will be released prior to the Honda Element dent repair.

This repair really kicked my butt though. The hardest part was getting the dent to release close from the edge. Also Honda metal is so frigin light that it’s like trying to push a dent out of a beer can. Just when I think I got it nice and even, there is high spot. I go to knock it down and now it’s low and wavy.

One of my techniques I do is look at the dent across with my face planted against the panel. I can tell how straight and wavy the dent is and still work on it at the same time. Technically that is how every dent repair should be performed in my opinion. Stay eye level and push or knock down.

I started with a using a glue pulling system (slide hammer, Atlas and Worth glue tabs) to pull up most of the impact. Then switch to a soft tip tool amd finished with a sharper tip. The total repair took almost 3 hours. Look for this video to be released next month sometime. Meanwhile here is a sneak peek at the before and after.

It’s a Wrap with Gator Dent

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I always say go big or go home. This is no exception when it comes to advertising mobile paintless dent repair. I should know, I myself live and die by my own motto.

Nico from GatorDent.com (Naples, Florida) understands that not only is it important to advertise your business but how you do it is even more important. Remember, you can’t be mentioned if you’re not seen.

His vehicle is a Honda Element and this was my favorite choice after the XB I bought. Either vehicle you can’t go wrong.

Wrapping a vehicle in some cases can be a little pricey but the recognition and professional look pays off in the long run.

Door Dings and Then Some

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(San Diego – Carmel Valley) Today I removed about 50 dings on one car. Now I know you hail techs who remove hundreds or sometime thousands on a car, this may seem no big deal. But for a daily driver all in a row close together can look like hail damage in a straight line.

My customer Chris told me the reason why he was getting so many dings, because his young daughter was getting in and out of the car. He waited till they moved to a bigger house and a bigger garage. Which makes perfect sense.

The job took close to 2 hours and everything was back in shape considering just a few chip marks from the impacts.

Below is a couple of iPhone before and after videos.

Good Guys Car Show – Hot Rods San Diego

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Today after a few customers, I took my Son Avenn (in the photo below) to the Good Guys car show in Del Mar – San Diego. I never been before and this by far was the most funnest and nicest car show I have ever attended. There must have been thousands of cars and people. Classic Chevy’s to Bonnie and Clyde Ford 40.

The motors on these cars were remarkable and beefy. The cars that did drive by sounded like they had 20 15″ sub woofers that pounded your chest. Just a bunch of cool old dudes who knew how to really keep their cars look fresh, but old school.

What I also noticed was that I might have seen 1 or 2 cars that really had a ding or so. When I go to other car shows, I see dents in almost over other car. If you want to see the difference between old school and new school, just look for the detail from the engine to the body panels. I have worked on these cars before but I would rather not to be honest. Now don’t get me wrong, I love these rides but I don’t care for the metal. Way to thick and way too much work. I once removed a dent on a 57 Chevy Bell Air and I thought my should was going to fall off. I use tons of heat with lots of concentration. I hardly ever get a guy or gal who does ask me to do their dent removal on their classic hot rod usually doesn’t even blink when it comes to price. I think because they personally know how much it cost to do body work and go through all that paint and money to get it looking back to new again. I like those type of customers but it comes with a physical price.

Check out the gallery of photo I took and get a feel how the show was.


Big Dent Demo

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