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Good Guys Car Show – Hot Rods San Diego

Today after a few customers, I took my Son Avenn (in the photo below) to the Good Guys car show in Del Mar – San Diego. I never been before and this by far was the most funnest and nicest car show I have ever attended. There must have been thousands of cars and people. Classic Chevy’s to Bonnie and Clyde Ford 40.

The motors on these cars were remarkable and beefy. The cars that did drive by sounded like they had 20 15″ sub woofers that pounded your chest. Just a bunch of cool old dudes who knew how to really keep their cars look fresh, but old school.

What I also noticed was that I might have seen 1 or 2 cars that really had a ding or so. When I go to other car shows, I see dents in almost over other car. If you want to see the difference between old school and new school, just look for the detail from the engine to the body panels. I have worked on these cars before but I would rather not to be honest. Now don’t get me wrong, I love these rides but I don’t care for the metal. Way to thick and way too much work. I once removed a dent on a 57 Chevy Bell Air and I thought my should was going to fall off. I use tons of heat with lots of concentration. I hardly ever get a guy or gal who does ask me to do their dent removal on their classic hot rod usually doesn’t even blink when it comes to price. I think because they personally know how much it cost to do body work and go through all that paint and money to get it looking back to new again. I like those type of customers but it comes with a physical price.

Check out the gallery of photo I took and get a feel how the show was.


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