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Author Archives: Myke Toledo

Chad from Japan Comes to Visit (PDR Japan)

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One of my good friends from Japan comes to visit who owns and operates www.pdr-japan.com
I only had one day to spend with him because of the holiday of Thanksgiving. We did some filming photo shoots about paintless dent repair training. He plans on giving pdr training classes in Japan and inviting me to instruct them. That would be awesome and I look forward to the near future. Thanks Chad for the quick but fun visit!

4 Week PDR Training Ride a Long – Week 1 Mitch Hawthorn

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Lately I have been doing lots of training and it has been hard for me to post often. So when I get a chance, I like to post what I think is important. Especially to those who are interested in pdr training. Again, paintless dent repair / removal training is not easy to learn. And if you don’t have the patience in general, then save yourself a lot frustration and don’t get into pdr. I don’t mean to discourage you but there are too many so called schools out there who promise the world but in the end, say, “you got to practice.” But if you leave confused and not making progress, then how can you measure what is right and what is wrong pdr training? This is why I am posting real people with real experiences.

Anyhow, now that I put my two cents in, here is a quick video I did with Mitch Hawthorn who is attending my one on one pdr training. Through out the month you will see updates and his progress. Please email me if you have any questions or simply comment below.

Myke Toledo


New PDR Paintless Dent Repair Show Series – Dent Time Ride-Along

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Lately we had an idea to do a video series for our viewers and potential people who are considering paintless dent repair training. We thought it would be helpful to let the public see how pdr really is behind the scenes.

I try to talk about the job before I arrive, give some tips and justify certain techniques and prices. Each episode will be definitely different and unique. Mainly hard and complex dents and also exotic vehicles as well.

This particular pdr job was very complex because how stretched the dent was. Location was not fun either. There was an inner structure that allowed very little tool access. We obviously used the glue pull technique to remove half the dent and crease. The hard part was recreating the curve of the fender. Although it looks pretty decent, there was still a slight flatness. I always want to shot for 100% but in some and rare cases, there are incidents where there can be limitations. Unfortunately there are cases like this type of dent repairs. More important is that I always try. A customer always appreciates the effort and in most cases their expectations were surpassed.

Learning about different types of dents and access is an ongoing path. You never stop getting challenges. Unless you choose to. Anyhow, enjoy the video and we should have some new ones soon. Thanks!

Myke Toledo www.denttime.com and www.dentrepairsandiego.com


How Long Does It Take to Learn PDR?

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How Long Does Paintless Dent Removal / Repair (PDR) Take To Learn?

The answer is.. your whole career. I’m not kidding either. Now I know that sounds contradicting since I train paintless dent removal on a professional level. Training someone how to learn pdr takes weeks to understand the technique but on the other hand, learning how to master pdr takes years.

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I Love What I Do – That’s It.

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With today’s fast changing auto reconditioning market, it’s important I keep my website current for all type of users, visitors and potential customers. I have been working on the new Dent Time site in the back end (Not Released Yet) for awhile now and I think I finally like what I have been doing. Very dynamic but not as flashy as my current site. Functionality is my goal and not too busy.

My direction that I am going with Dent Time will be a combination of my other sites I have built. Training downloads, products to purchase, videos and a full paid membership page that users can watch exclusive videos about pdr training. I don’t have a release date set yet. I know better to do that to myself.

People ask me if I have a team of people that create my websites, produce my videos, design my ads, do my marketing and run my company? The answer “was” yes 3 years ago. The answer today is NO. Why? Because nobody on a consistent bases could have the passion about how I wanted my company to look, act and represent better than myself. Now sure, I can still hire a team of people to take over my tasks of everything and give myself more time to just sit around and do nothing.. But it’s not about that. It’s about “I love what I do.” I love to fix dents, I love to market my own company, I love to produce and edit my own videos, I love to create my own websites and I just love what I do.. PERIOD. I can’t help it.

My belief is if you are not passionate about what you do in regards to any job or business you own, then get out. Your wasting your time. Learn to be creative, learn to learn and you will grow. A business is not just about making money.. it’s only a tool. Until most people get that meaning, they will always constantly battle the up and down motivations. You just have to ask yourself one question.. Do I love what I do?

Big Dent Demo

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