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I wanted to have a little variety when it comes to you having my visitors see my site. What makes things more interesting than cars? Oh but this car isn’t what it appears. It’s a ’93 Mazda RX7 with a brand new Corvette ZO6 Motor. During the film shooting, I almost lost my lightest camera. It had so much toque, it jerked my camera loose.

With over 450 horses to the rear, this car was stupid fast! I had more fun in that car than I would on Space Mountain at Disneyland. Mark Mozafarrian was the owner (who is actually selling this car). We filmed for 4 hours racing up and down the streets on a Saturday. And just in case you were wondering, we did not jeopardize the safety of anyone else.

It took Mark about 8 months to fully restore this bad boy back to life. All restored back to new and better. The paint job on this thing is beautiful. No obvious orange peel – it really looks factory. Now I did do some paintless dent removal on this when it was in the auto recon mode but at the time, I didn’t have camera of any sort on me.

Anyhow, check it out and let me know what ya think?