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Late last week, I took Josue with me to do some retail appointments. My goal was to test how he has improved during the last three weeks. His patience and calm personality has definitely paid off. He did a wonderful job removing a very hard dent near the edge.

Paintless dent removal is not easy to learn. Lots of things to learn such as; access, releasing crowns, glue pulling, tool usage, body lines, creases and so much more. That is why I recommend at least 4 weeks to learn. Now 4 weeks won’t guarantee you will know everything in the book but it will establish very good habits. Habits that will help you become more consistent and never become worse.

Jouse seems to learn very well and understands this skill takes time. Paintless dent removal training demands a lot and Josue gives his 110% effort. Results prove his effort. Here is a video below on one of his successful PDR repairs.