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We are proud to offer a free 30 day protection warranty with all paintless dent removal services. If you are one of our many customers who use our PDR services, you will be covered for 30 days from your initial date of service. Stipulations due apply. The free ding protection warranty is limited to a quarter size dent or smaller on the same panel(s) we repaired, if such a mishap is to happen again within 30 days of your PDR service.

Our service is beyond good work. We are always putting our customer first when it comes to service and convenience. Unfortunately things happen and we want you to know Dent Time goes the extra mile to make sure your experience is beyond your expectations.

Knowing sometimes careless people open their doors, wind blows, things fall, bad luck or just plainly, it is what it is. Well we’re here to put a little reassurance back into your mind. Just give us a call if you happened to get dinged again (within 30 days) on the same panel(s) we repaired and we’ll promptly send out a mobile tech, free of no charge.

Real quality. Real Value. Real service. Guaranteed!