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10 Dent Commandments

Here is something that I always stick to when I do my dents on a daily bases. It’s not something I think about a lot because it really has become just good habits. It’s also something I teach my students in the beginning so they stay in good habit themselves. I embedded a audio clip that explains more in detail. Take a listen and let me know what ya think?

My 10 dent commandments might be different compared to your own but for the most part, they are similar with most PDR techs.

The 10 Dent Commandments

#1) Stay patient. Never hurry your PDR repair. Impatience leads to mistakes.

#2} Move your line board often. This is also considered cross checking.

#3) Work out only what looks the most obvious. Lows or highs? It’s a slow but effective method for keeping your dent / ding clean.

#4) Use different tool tips. If dent is big, use a big tip. As the dent becomes smaller, so should your tool tip. Your thickness of your tool tip should match the thickness of the lines. This ensures you see your tool tip accurately.

#5) Never leave a dent high. A customer can see a high quicker than he/she can see a low.

#6) Keep your head close to the panel and stay eye level to the dent. This will always provides a true reading how the dent really appears.

#7) When knocking or tapping down, hold tap down level with the panel. You should also consider changing sides after you push. This helps you see the balance of your repair by working it from both sides.

#8) Turn your line board outward for more detail. Turn your line board inward for less detail.

#9) Keep an open mind. PDR is always changing. The more you are open to learn, the better PDR tech you become.

#10) Always try. It’s okay to doubt your outcome but don’t doubt your ability. You will be surprised what success brings even when you fail.

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