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Tesla Paintless Dent Repair San Diego

Dent Time services expert paintless dent repair on all Tesla models like the Model Y, Model S, Model Z and Model 3. Performing paintless dent removal on a Tesla demands high experience for numerous reasons.

A first and important reason is a Tesla has numerous dangerous cables that carry high current. If a PDR technician who has not had the proper Electric Vehicle training, they can cause not only damage to the vehicle, but more importantly cause severe bodily harm or even death.

It’s no joke. Tesla’s are dangerous. At Dent Time we are properly IMI / EV trained and certified to safely work on your Tesla vehicle.

Another factor is most Tesla’s are made from high strength aluminum. Unlike steel, aluminum doesn’t have the memory like sheet metal. In other words, we need to use more pressure and force to apply to the backside panel with sharper tools.

All paintless dent removals on Tesla models such as the model S, 3, X and Y do have aluminum panels. These type of panels do require more expertise to remove dents from. Generally the door panels can be the most challenging due to the bracing inside.

We have attached a few brace structures to help you understand the access points.

This procedure demands experience and finesse to perfect the right amount of pin point pressure. The paintless dent repair technique restores the damaged panel back to new without harming the original paint finish.

Sinc 1991, Dent Time has been perfecting the art of paintless dent removal and continues our training with the latest tools to ensure you receive the highest quality repairs.

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