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PDR Line Board Manual eBook- Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Training Tutorial

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This PDR Line Board Manual 101 was created to help those who want to know more about the line reflection and the pdr process as well. Our intention is for you to see detailed photos and diagrams of important details of the dent and reflection. This line board manual also includes techniques that help you identify the characteristics of the line board reflection. From the common door ding removal process to crown identification, there is something in the manual that any pdr technician from any type of level will appreciate.

Please understand, the PDR Line Board Manual 101 is not the answer to all your challenges that lie ahead of your PDR career. However it will help your understanding of the art of PDR in general. This PDR manual is well designed with a lot of thought in mind so your learning curve develops faster with less trial and error.

Below is a lot of details what the PDR Line Board Manual 101 is all about. Please take some time watching how the PDR maual can help you excel in the art of paintless dent removal.

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