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Neo Flex PDR Line Board

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The Neo Flex Line Board is a durable, strong and most flexible line board made today. Incredible strength that will last you a long time.

The Neo Flex Line Board offers a translucent film that allows to be backlit from the sun or any any other light source. Use outdoor or even indoors, you’ll have no problems capturing detail.

This Neo Flex Line Board will offer the brightest neon yellow reflection. Even on a white vehicle in the sun, you’re still going to maintain a fantastic reflection. The lines are not vinyl. They are printed directly on the film and then laminated with a matte film to reduce glare when working on your PDR repair. Super durable, light and bright. Not to mention, a rubber bumper to prevent your board from scaring any paint finish and sustain longevity of your board.

**Although this is a durable plastic, this will break if you keep grabbing by the corners over time! Grab your board from the back of the loc line to ensure a longer lasting product.

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