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Been Awhile – New PDR Product

It’s been quite a while since I posted and I really apologize. I’ve been training new students, editing video products for other PDR companies and simply buried with projects.

One of my projects is a new type of reflection board. Mainly an outside board for the run n gun pdr tech who works outside or in well lit areas. It’s called the DT Hybrid Board and offers some cool features.

Introducing the DT Hybrid Board. (6″x12″) A super light weight board that caters to both the professional fog and line board techs out in the PDR industry. A composite board laminated with aluminum on the outside for a durable, long lasting usage.

We offer the professional PDR technician with great reflection options. On one side, you will see a set of lines with a fog edge on the outside. This easily lets you cross check your work just by moving your head to one side or the other. The line side has a glossy finish to enhance the reflection of the lines.

On the opposite side, you have a full fog with a matte finish to help reduce glare and pick up detail. If you look closely, the main fog has a smoother edge while on the line side, you will see a more thicker and spottier fog. This helps offer another alternative how you want to view your dent during your PDR repair.

We applied a rubber edge around the board with one seem at the bottom that is fused together for a tight fit. You will have no concerns for scratching the finish of any vehicle and while adding extra protection to your Hybrid board.

Lastly, your DT Hybrid Board is sealed with laminate on each side. This special laminate resists scratches and even self heals while leaving in direct sun light or waving a heat gun back n forth near the board.

The value and longevity of your board will not snap, crack or break with normal usage. It’s the ultimate run n gun PDR reflection board in the PDR industry.

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