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PDR Quote App for Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Techs – Review

I have been recently using the “PDR Quote” app that is available for your iphone. It has turned out to be a pleasant surprise to have a paperless work order done on site without hand writing a messy invoice.

The application is fully customizable so you can add your logo, change the names of the panels, add tax or even give a discount. Once created, you can use a quote or email as a finished receipt. Your customer and yourself receive the copied work order (see screen shot on left) as an email with completed invoice.You can even send a quote to an insurance company. If you happen to have the need of a hard copy, just add a wireless printer and whala, there it is.

It’s a super convenient system that saves you lots of printing fees, not to mention high tech and seems to impress the customers as well. There are even an apps (separately, not part of PDR Quote) that allows you to finish a transaction with a credit card.

I might suggest getting a dedicated itouch or the new ipad to use with the PDR Quote. Unfortunately there is no way to separate your personal contacts from your business contacts.

All in all, I was impressed from this powerful little app and it exceeds my expectations and beyond.

Full Version – $350.
PDR Quote Lite – Free

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