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Giant Crease Dent Repair / Learn to Glue Pull with Dent Time


Learning how to glue pull with paintless dent repair is not all that bad but knowing how to finish is the hard part. There are a lot of things to consider or understand what is not seen in the demo here. One thing is all the crowns (high spots) you have to tap back down. Mainly I use glue pulling to cut back on the pushing part and to release trapped pressure that would otherwise take much longer to do.

The lighter the metal, the more time consuming and tapping you will do. When I train my students, glue pulling is one of the main topics I teach in regards to bigger dents. Glue pulling is mainly a tool but not the answer all the time for dents. I do however know a few pdr techs who atually are quite good at glue pulling. We do agree though, if you can get to the dent with a tool, traditional pdr is obviously faster. But when it comes to bigger dents, glue pulling to a great side kick for pdr.

This dent was performed and taught at a dealership. Unfortunately this dent was not removed 100% but you can be the judge on how well it came out. I can tell you though, it sold with no customer complaints.

If you are interested and seriously considering pdr training, give me a call (Myke Toledo) direct at 858-699-2054 or visit my new web 2.0 website

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