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Dent Time announces Dents No More as a proud affiliate when it comes to high quality mobile bumper and scratch repair in Orange County.

Dents No More in Orange County, California offers cost-effective and time saving solutions for minor accidents and fender benders. We specialize in repairing dents, key scratches, paint chip repair, dings and bumper scuffs. Without surrendering quality, we provide fast and convenient mobile service to your home or office. Our experienced technicians restore your scratched bumper or metal panel by resurfacing and blending the paint into your factory finish. From minor accidents to key scratches and spot blend repairs, we go you covered. In the end, there is virtually no difference from your vehicle’s factory or custom paint.

While fast and cost-effective, Dents No More provides state of the art paint repair and restoration within the Auto Body Repair Industry. With highly skilled paint technicians and superior customer service, we generate a high value cosmetic repair without you even being away from your vehicle. As always, our customers are amazed with our results when their vehicles have been restored to pre-accident condition within hours and not days!

In conclusion, we offer fast, professional customer service and guaranteed results with your complete satisfaction. We hope you will join our many happy and fulfilled customers who continue to refer us to their friends and family.

Contact us today at 562-896-8507 or 949-363-3767