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Here at Dent Time, we understand what kind of expertise it takes to get you to a whole new level of excellence and we understand performing high quality paintless dent repair is a must when your competing against experienced veteran PDR techs. If you’re already a PDR technician who wants to advance your existing skills and learn amazing new techniques that allow you to remove complex dents such as; deep dents, severe creases, large stretched dents and sharp body line dings and dents. Then you should consider “advanced PDR training.”

Please take a look at some of our Advanced Paintless Dent Removals and Repairs Below

Repairing challenging dent repairs can be a nightmare for any technician who may require more knowledge besides their initial training. We help you fully comprehend techniques that allow you to advance your repair skills at a much higher standard of quality. Repairing dings and dents take careful judgement before executing such as; how to read your board properly, tool selection and techniques that get you further ahead of your competition as well as keeping a high quality reputation. If you’re looking to go to the next level and seriously taking your skills to a higher ground, then this pdr training course is for you!