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DentTime LLC offers a high quality Paintless Dent repair / removal-training program that provides you with premium learning techniques and unbelievable results you can count on. Our step-by-step instruction and significant high quality PDR process will assist your learning capabilities faster so you don’t have to find out the long way. Our goal is to provide you with state of the art instruction and hands on experience that is strongly applied to common real situations.

Our Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Training courses are based around you, the student, not the instructor. We know that every student is different and how important it is to maintain a quality controlled pace that will allow you to develop your skills rapidly and consistently. Some companies have a curriculum that is set more for the instructor and not you. We won’t cram years of experience in one week so you’ll end up forgetting most of what you learned. That kind of paintless dent repair training can and will suppress a student’s learning capabilities and developments. We teach you how to master one thing at a time so you can allow yourself to grasp techniques that help you remove dings and dents with out frustration. DentTime’s highly skilled instructor will guide you to understand the philosophy of PDR that is needed to perform consistent high quality paintless dent repair. In addition, as you learn, your awareness becomes more noticeable, which in results of paying attention to detail at every stage. (Analyzing execution, tool selection, repairing process, marketing and even customer relations.) DentTime is committed to deliver you with high quality training and a complete satisfaction money back guarantee!

DentTime offers 2-4 week PDR training programs and for those who are flexed with time, we offer mobile training to your town! If possible, we suggest that you take the longest class offered. The longer you can train with the instructor the faster you will develop. To be quite honest, there is a whole lot to learn about PDR and you’ll need as much time as possible to benefit all what PDR has to offer.

If you have any questions or concerns about Paintless Dent Removal Training, please call us today and ask for Myke Toledo (1-800-420-DENT 3368). We thank you for your interest and consideration about DentTime’s High Quality PDR Training.

  • Longest PDR Training Program Offered in the Country (4 weeks or more!)
  • Learn to perform paintless dent repair consistently & successfully
  • Taught Personally by the reputable PDR instructor Myke Toledo
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed