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Have you ever worried about the chips and scratches you’re getting while you get stuck behind a gravel truck? Or, maybe it hasn’t happened? …Yet. Now there’s a solution. A clear 3m 8mil. urethane film; an auto clear bra that is virtually invisible !

This revolutionary paint protection film will instantly sustain your factory finish while preserving your vehicle’s  resale value. 

  • Protects front end and mirrors from rock chips, bug damage, debris and weathering
  • No unsightly black bra flapping in the wind causing scratches
  • Made of durable, clear 3m 8mil. urethane
  • Virtually invisible, yet provides unparalleled protection
  • Will not crack, shrink or peel over time and is used by auto manufactures including Porsche, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Ford
  • Instantly Sustains factory finish and the value of your vehicle
  • DOT approved