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Well, it’s been already one week since Tommy has begun his pdr adventure. I am actually editing and getting ready to post his experience and thoughts about his paintless dent repair / removal training and he really is enjoying it. He reminded me to mention it because he said he forgot to say that on the video. At this point, I am very happy with Tommy’s hard effort and dedication. I have challenged him relentlessly and he has so far proven PDR will be right for him.

Reading the line board properly with proper techniques over and over turns into good habits. Understanding and perfecting it creates permanent habits. The first week of paintless dent repair training is always the most challenging. A newbie has to get accustomed to the awkward positions, different ways they see with their eyes and build a much more tolerance for patience. Once this part is mastered, it just becomes a routine and almost a trance. This is the stage Tommy is getting into. The more he gets the experience, the better he becomes.

Tommy seems to be rapidly seeing a lot of detail and his pin pointing is getting better and better. You can see from the photo how well his progress has developed. In the beginning it took him about 4 days to remove 3 dings from 70-85%. On his seventh day, he removed the ding show in the photo in about 5 hours. Now you might think that is a long time for someone who knows nothing about pdr but it’s crazy fast for just learning. You can tell the dent is very clean with no push marks, no obvious waves or distortion. That is what PDR is all about. Being clean from start to finish.

Tommy has much more to go and creases are next. His progress so far is outstanding which will allow him to concentrate on creases. Creases are even more complex because you must learn how to touch each push. It’s a long pit that demands the utmost concentration and accurate pin pointing.

You can now imagine, learning this correctly takes personal attention with step by step over the shoulder instruction. I hope you continue to read and watch how Tommy continues to learn and develop throughout the next 3 weeks.


Myke Toledo