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Dan Ontrop (DanODents.com) recently text me some photos of what he has taken on since he finished his 4 week paintless dent repair training with me. His skills are rapidly developing as you can see and he is determined everyday to improve his pdr talents. Even though you can see some ripples and push marks in part of the area of the dent, but it’s amazing how he even removed the dent to that caliber since he just learned.

This goes to show you that if you have proper training and attack every dent without your own fear, a pdr tech can accomplish a lot. I mention quite often to my students that they must always try a dent so they can learn something, even if they are not 100% successful. In this case, Dan realizes he is only going to get better.. much better.

Performing paintless dent removal is an ongoing learning process. Vehicles change, tools change and even techniques change. Adapting and having a mind set that there is always new territory when it comes to learning the art of paintless dent repair. From a new beginner to a veteran pdr tech, everyone becomes a newbie over and over again as long as you are willing to accept the challenge. I really try to push my pdr students so they can become confident in their own skills while perfecting good habits with good technique.

I am very pleased about Dan’s progress and we continue to speak often about his developments as a pdr tech and business. I wish Dan the best as he seems to be getting off to a fast and great career.