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Alex and his business partner Fotis from Greece made the trip to train with me in the art of paintless dent removal / repair. I try to document my students progress much as possible to help the public understand that performing pdr is not easy. Although Alex was only on his 8th day (second week of learning pdr training) his skills were all about patience. It was the same with his partner as well (Fotis). All successful pdr trainees have one thing in common.. and that is patience. Teaching paintless dent repair becomes less complicated when a student fully understands how to restraint themselves from rushing. Rushing or lacking the patience will lead to more mistakes and frustration. The slower you go, the faster you learn. Believe me, this method works because you spend less time fixing mistakes you could have avoided in the first place.

Below is a video of Alex and his developing pdr skills. This was only the beginning of the second week but with lots more to learn. Deep body line dents were next and creases too. Later you will see their progress in regards to glue pulling as well. Meanwhile take a look at Alex’s progress and my interview with him.