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paintless dent repair training with Dent Time

Learning paintless dent removal correctly not only involves time but a lot of patience. This article is about a trainee I trained early last year along with his partner Alex which I will talk about later in another article. This video you are about to watch or already did, is about a very complex deep ding / dent. When I teach someone how to learn the art of paintless dent removal, it’s not about just pushing and tapping. There is a big philosophy to it and an important procedure.

Besides the philosophy and procedure (technique), there are the tools. Tools are a third of the solution or the problem for many who can’t figure out how to finish. Understanding the capabilities of what your tools can really do, help you become a much better and efficient paintless dent repair technician. As you see in this video, Fotis understands the the pdr technique, is patient and comprehends his tool usage well. With the combination of all three techniques being put to use, the results are amazing. Please keep in mind, Fotis in this video has had no prior experience or practiced before hand.

He was in his second week -5 days training each week – (6th day to be exact) when he was doing this dent. I have to be quite honest, him and Alex were ahead of the average learning curve. It’s my job to observe my trainees and in most cases it takes between 3-4 weeks to accurately and consistently removes dents like this. One thing you can count on from myself is my honesty. Some want me to tell them what they want to hear but if I did that, I might as well should have been a used car manager.

Now I am confident with any tech I train that you will leave understanding the technique. There’s a difference between understanding and being confused. I don’t want my students leaving confused. It’s important to me that you get quality pdr training instead of boom, boom, bang training in one or two weeks. Now sure I train two weeks but don’t expect me to teach you everything you should know about pdr. it would be like watching a movie in fast forward. When going too fast, you loose important information or even worse, skip vital techniques and procedures all together. Just in case you are wondering what is my two week pdr training course like, well, it’s very slow paced but challenging. See the first two weeks are crucial. You just start getting warmed up and comfortable with your tool positioning, reading the line board and tapping the dents down precisely. Again, I have to be upfront, your tool pin pointing will be the biggest hurdle. This takes extreme patience and what Fotis demonstrates here is what every technician will face when time and skill allow. By now after reading this article, you can see there is so much to learn in so little time. I am also not the cheapest trainer you will find but the most passionate and informational teacher you will read about.

Below on the left is a short demonstration of my past trainee Fotis removing a deep dent with a sharp pit. On the right is the latest dvd I have for sale if you are interested in purchasing. It sells for $39.99 and just click on AutoLecture.com to buy. But please be aware, my video is not the answer to proper paintless dent repair training. It is recommended if you like what you see and find your self passionate about the trade and really serious.. consider getting one on one pdr training. It will drastically improve your learning curve which saves you a lot of trial and error. Oh here is Fotis and Alex’s website in Greece. PDRPlus.gr