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Whether you are a person thinking about getting into the art of paintless dent removal or need to know a little more about body line paintless dent repair training, this pdr article should shed some light.

To have a successful body line dent repair, it will depend on a few things.

#1 How you understand your reflection.

Depending how you were taught will be the outcome how you consistently see the dent during your pdr repairs. I personally use a line board and I move it around quite often. Meaning I cross check as I remove my dent. Switching sides is crucial as you go.

#2 What tools you use.

Along with experience, you will know that how you work with your tools brings out the final out come. For example, if you use the wrong type of tap down, you will end up with nasty tap down pits. Again it comes down to how well you understand your tools too. There is more than one way to skin a cat so don’t get convinced that there is only one right way. There are hundreds of ways to remove a dent with different tools.

#3 Techniques

As I was mentioning above, it’s all about your own style. Take little bits and pieces you understand and remove the dent how you understand it. When I teach paintless dent repair personally, I give them choices on how to remove their dents. PDR is an art and art is all about one person’s individual craftsmanship. In future tutorials, you will see how I explain basic pdr repairs and my own style about removing different type dents.

Learning Body line paintless dent removal is considered an advanced technique and don’t count on learning this at a one week school. Even at 2 weeks, it’s very difficult. It takes total precision and patience and a lot of repetitions.