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Jack Edge | Bent Edge PDR Tool

Lately, there have been a few door edge tools that have really evolved. I don’t know whats going on but these type of tools seem to be the hot tool now. We all have come across where we have to fix door edges. In most cases you had two chances to fix them.. slim and none. Well now there is a pretty simple but effective tool that is used in conjunction with a mini lifter.

The ones I found to work the best and fit well, were the common lifter from Anson, Dent Craft, PDR Finesse and Ultra Dent Tool. They all seem to sell this same one. The lifter I found to work well also, is the Robo Lifter from Keco. Before I get into that, I want to go over the ascetics of the this simple Shane Jacks -Edge Jack tool.

It’s made from aluminum and has a slot on one side that you’ll use to attach the mini lifter to. On the other side, you’ll notice a threaded hole. This will allow you to use any common screw on tip of your choice. This design was created to have the mini lifter placed on the outer lip of the edge while the threaded tip side makes contact from behind the bent lip. You’ll want to slightly tighten the lifter until there is no wiggle. I explain more in detail at Dent Trainer.com about the different tips and benefits.

Now on my first vehicle we did, I had my student, Sunny do the repair. We first started with the Robo Lifter. The One of the big advantages with the Robo Lifter is that you can tilt and adjust the angle you want to pull from. For the most part it worked well. At times it kind of slipped because you need it to stay steady in place. So that’s when I had Sunny change lifters to the silver lifter. The advantage with this one is that it’s stationary and fits perfectly in the slot area of the Edge Jack tool. We were able to have a bit more control and you’ll find, you really want to keep the feet flat and balanced too. We found the Edge Jack tool worked very well in this application. For more precise and detailed finishing, we switched up the tip to a sharper one.

Now as for the motorcycle fender lip. this tool made it a lit easier. Now I didn’t realize this fender was aluminum until I arrived. In general it would have been a very hard task using a rod or flat bar to push this dent across the edge. But the Jack Edge made it all too easy. Although I didn’t have much footage (mainly because my customer was watching me and asking questions) I really didn’t get a chance to take my time with footage. I do have to mention, you should use heat when you are working a dent this deep on an edge like this. Again, you’ll have to be aware of the feet. They can definitely cause more damage. I used the wooden tip form Ultra and added some leather to prevent slipping and dampen the contact as well to minimize paint from cracking.

All in all, I highly recommend the Edge Jack tool. You can purchase it directly from blending hammers from Shane Jacks

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