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motorcycle dent repair san diego

We were able to carefully bend back the edge on this aluminum rear fender of a motorcycle.

With a dent like this in the past I would normally just pass on it. Plus this motorcycle fender lip was aluminum and that made it even more challenging.

I just received a new pdr tool from a friend named Shane Jacks and it worked just awesome. However I had to watch the feet. Even though the feet are soft, the fender was very soft itself and when the feet pin down it creates slight lows. So I had to be extra careful and use slowly while pulling upward taking the pressure off the feet of the lifter.

As for the tip, I use a wooden tip ultra dent tools and applied leather to prevent slipping and push parks.

The repair turned out about 90%  I never told the customer 100% and actually promised 80% or better. Overall I’m pleased how it worked.