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Had a little challenge today and as always, wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. I had to perform another crazy paintless dent removal on the body line of a Mercedes Benz ML in San Diego.

Thing about silver cars is when it has a deep dent like this, in most cases the metallic separates and looks white. I call it “ghosting” which can be somewhat unpleasing, especially after you have spent so much time removing the lion share of the dent. But I can’t lie, it did ghost on me a bit. Here’s a little tip on how to get rid of it: color sand (wet sand) after you remove the dent. Believe it or not, it helps remove 75% or more of the ghosting.

I also have been using my new toy (sticky pod mount) to get some good angles. You won’t tell from my iPhone videos because I shot it using my Canon Vixia which I am going to cut a video in HD about the process later.

Anyhow check out the videos and photos how it went.

— Myke Toledo