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If you have a scuff or scratch on your bumper, Dent Time offers one of the best San Diego bumper repair services around. What’s so special about our process? For one thing, we are completely mobile. Our services come to your location (home or office) and generally the repair is performed within 2 – 3 hours.

Matching the paint is no problem. Unlike our competition, we carry all the colors on board and computer match your factory color on site. That’s right. No mismatch colors. Before we even spray, we can determine if it’s the exact color match. Your bumper will be restored back to pre-accident condition in no time.

Dent Time spares no expense using the best paint and materials on the market. We operate and are compliant with the EPA. Our standards are so high, we generally use better paint than most body shops. We apply a PPG waterborne paint. This type of paint is not only environmentally approved, it also matches your factory color beautifully.

If you have scuffs, punctures, a dented corner or a cracked bumper, contact us today. You can even send a few photos to 858-699-2054 for a fast and detailed quote.

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