Auto Paint Scratch Repair FAQs

  • Will be able to match the color? +

    Yes indeed your plastic bumper repair or panel paint repair will match like new. Every car has a factory color code. This code is used for factory color matching. Basically it works like this: #
1 - Technician takes the paint code from your vehicle and enters it into the computer (We don't ask for your paint code before we arrive - All Performed On Site!). There is special paint software which gives us a factory formula for matching your paint. However, we realize that factory color codes many times provide a color that is anywhere from a couple shades to several shades different from the original color. And the "art of color matching starts here." #2 - Our paint experts then use sample cards to ensure the best color matching possible. These very specific tinting methods are used to match new paint with older paint. We compare those color code cards to your paint. They are compared in the shade, in the sun, from different angels while using the best paint to repaint your vehicle. 
You can rest assure we always get your bumper back to factory color with a written lifetime warranty. ** Please Note** Plastic does absorb paint differently than metal. Please read next FAQs
  • How long does it take to repair my bumper or scratched panel? +

    Depending on the damaged bumper or panel; hole, scratch, dent, scuffs or cracks, repair time generally is between 1 1/2 - 4 hours. All performed at your home or office.
  • Why Touch Up Looks Bad and Why We Won't Offer it as a Stand Alone Service +

    Well we don't recommend you really try repairing a scratch on your car without proper training. The truth about Scratch Repair: Fact: If your scratch is past your clear coat, there is no real other way to restore your finish without repainting or performing a "spot repair". Fact: Touch up is considered "touch up." Compare touch up to putting paint on top of your paint. It won't look good and in most cases the paint does not match anyhow. Why? In most cases, in today's paint finish, auto paint is now mixed with metal flakes. These metal flakes are AKA "Metallic."But back to why it does not match. If not applied with a spray gun, the metallic paint clumps together and reflects a much different color, despite it is indeed factory touch up. Solution 1. If the paint is not through the clear coat chances are it can be color sanded (wet sanding) and buffed out. Solution 2. If you can feel the scratch with your fingernail then it's past the clear in general. Unfortunately the only way (so far) to completely repair the finish is to repaint. We offer on-site mobile key scratch and bumper paint repair in San Diego. What we do in steps is to perform a SMART repair. "Small Mobile Area Repair Technology". First, we computer color generate a factory match. Second, resurface the area and prep. Next, apply primer, base coat and last, add the clear coat for a back to factory shinny look. Unfortunately there are no real in between solutions when it comes to scratch repair.
  • How much does bumper repair cost? +

    Prices for bumper, key scratches and paint repairs depend mostly on the type of repair: 
A - complete bumper repaint, 
B - refinishing bumper and complete bumper (this is for dents in bumpers, plastic cracks or holes)
 C - spot paint repair (this is for minor scratches in corner, bottom lip or side of a bumper, near an edge of a panel or below a body line). 
Once we know what kind of repair you need, what vehicle and color you have, we can give you a very accurate idea. For an accurate estimate you can also email us your photos to
  • Can it be fixed? +

    Damaged that can not be repaired: A few examples are - bumper is broken in a place where it is attached to the body and the clips can not hold a bumper, the panel is too stretched or severe, bumper is textured or vehicles with unpainted bumpers. You can see some of those on Jeep Wrangler, Honda Element and then some other SUVs. Those types can be fixed but there is only a limited warranty and we suggest to replace them.
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