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bumper dent repair san diegoHave a dent in your bumper? No problem. We can remove that annoying dent the corner of your bumper. Did you know it’s important to get your dent removed as quick as possible? Bumpers don’t have memory like sheet metal. The longer you leave it, the more your dented plastic bumper wants to stay. In other words, it makes our job harder and the results not as impressive. However we do a fantastic job, it’s just it will generally look almost as good as new if you get it removed within 2-3 days of the accident.

This plastic bumper dent repair was performed with our paintless dent removal service. No painting and we buffed out the scuffs. This process took about an hour and a half. It just didn’t “pop out.” We had to work the plastic with lots of heat and pushing with our unique PDR tools.