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DMV.com Adds Dent Time Blog to it’s Website

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We are very proud to announce the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) requested if they could add our auto reconditioning blog to their website. We naturally said yes and it is official.

Our continued effort to make this the most interesting automotive reconditioning blog on the planet is getting there. Although it is just myself, “Myke Toledo,” I try to find the time to post things that the public and other companies care about. What’s new, tutorials, how to, repair jobs and what ever else that is relative to the automotive paintless dent removal and bumper repair industry.

You’ll find our link on the DMV website under the directory and listed with the “automotive blogs.”

Dent Time Testimonial / Review – Paintless Dent Repair

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A new customer of our found us on Youtube and called to have his car dent removed on his pretty new Mercedes Benz. It had two creases, one above the left rear door and another deeper crease on the left rear quarter panel. Both dents took about an hour and a half. Mainly the one above the door because it was a glue pull technique.

Our company Dent Time offers the most highest quality paintless dent repair and door ding removal service in San Diego County. We are a dedicated team who accepts nothing less than perfection. Please if you have a camera phone and would like the quickest estimate possible, test your photos to our local number at 858-699-2054.

Thank you!


Dent Fox – Quick and Easy Estimate / Quote System for Paintless Dent Repair / Removal (PDR)

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If you are a pdr company and get random emails usually without the info you really need to give a proper quote then maybe Dent Fox is for you. This fantastic estimating system makes it easy for your customers to understand and fill out. It’s also cutting edge and very professional to say the least. Giving your potential customers without a doubt, a unique experience while setting your company apart from the competition.

It’s perfect for someone who may not have a camera or even worse who might be a little lazy and doesn’t want to bother taking a photo. Or how about if a customer calls you and say they will email you a photo and don’t? That’s lost business. Dent Fox helps prevent just that. With easy to follow diagrams and instructions, your customers will actually have the choice to use the estimating system, email a photo or both! No lost customers, no worries and no excuses. Just a fast, fun and professional pdr estimating system that gets the job done in a hurry without worry.

It’s easy, it’s fast and it works! Try Dent Fox today for free and see how it operates. You will be amazed.

New Mobile Paint Scratch Repair Video – Mercedes Benz

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I created a new mobile paint scratch repair video for our San Diego sub division, Bumper Time. It’s purpose is to demonstrate the capabilities of how well auto scratch repair can be performed mobile through Bumper Time. Our professional mobile units service all of San Diego and North County. From minor accidents to key scratch repair, we do it all on site and done right.

These convenient mobile paint repair services are usually performed within 2-3 hours at your home or workplace. No inconvenience and no hassle in regards to bringing your vehicle to a shop.

Our master paint techs are I-Car certified with years of experience in auto body and paint repair industry. Not to mention, we guarantee a factory computer color match guarantee with a written lifetime warranty.

Please call us direct for a free phone quote or there are two other option to get a fast, free and accurate quote.

– If you have a camera phone, take a couple of photos and text them to 858-699-2054 or email them to bumpertime@gmail.com

Check out our amazing paint / scratch repair process below and see why Bumper Time is the leader in San Diego mobile auto body and paint repair.


PDR Glue Pulling Video Reaches over 100,000 Views

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We never knew this paintless dent repair video would be so popular on youtube. I feel as of today we have much more interesting videos but who am I to judge?

This dent did indeed take awhile because of the deceiving sharp crown at the top. I used a special light to demonstrate the reflection. Half shadow and half lines.


Big Dent Demo

Paintless dent removal is a delicate process and demands the best experience at all times. Dent Time offers true practical knowledge and takes tremendous pride in our work.

We have established a strong reputation for being the best at what we do. We don't cut corners when it comes to the integrity of your vehicle and more importantly the quality of your repair. Our service is fast, affordable and done right, on-site with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. 1-858-699-2054

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