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Bumper Time, a division of Dent Time offers premium mobile plastic bumper repair in San Diego and North County. We also offer it in Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas. No matter what kind of vehicle you have. From Honda to a Rolls Royce, we assure your satisfaction will be beyond your expectations.

This type of exotic vehicle is not your ordinary car. Many owners would have thought they would have to take it to a body shop to get a great repair. Well fortunately Bumper Time is able to mirror the same results with a mobile bumper service. The paint repair was restored back to new (just like factory) within 3 hours.

As always, our bumper and key scratch repairs are guaranteed an exact color match with a written lifetime warranty.

Fact Stats:
Body Shop Quote: $2,200.00
Estimate Time Repair: 5 days

Bumper Time Quote: $700
Mobile Repair Time: 3 hours
Guarantee: Written Lifetime Warranty

Total Savings: $1,500.00