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What’s up everyone, I just had a chance to edit this video for the Ride a Long (Episode 2). It’s about a nice little crease that was hit on the front fender of a Yukon.

I am going to be featuring this repair in depth on a new dvd called “Glue Pull Practicals” that explains the glue system I chose to use, what tool tips I use and why and how and where to knock down. This repair took about 2 1/2 hours to remove with very little evidence the crease dent was ever there.

With paintless dent repair / removal, creases are considered one of the most challenging and hardest to master. Your pushes have to be so accurate that if you miss, expect to see a up and down zipper effect. Basically skip marks in the panel. Crease need lots of time to master and patience. There is no fast way to learn. It’s all about technique, patience and the tools. Once performed about a thousand times, you start to get a little faster. No matter how good you become, speed won’t matter to you.. the quality of the repair will.

So I hope you like and please comment. Thank you.

-Myke Toledo