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I finally posted on my website the curriculum (Bigger if click on link.)that is involved in a 4 week paintless dent repair training course. Later on I will post a 2 and 3 week pdr training curriculum. But as for now future students can get a real good idea what’s involved in the 4 week course.

I posted this curriculum for 2 reasons.

#1. So you can have at least a point of direction what to compare. Unfortunately, you won’t learn what is in our curriculum with just 1 week training and this is crucial. The real world awaits after you go to school. Just make sure you were taught real world dents… not dings.

#2. It’s always important that a student should know what to expect to learn. To me, I see our students maintain focus and push themselves through a faster learning curve. If the students don’t have a visual about their lessons, then their readiness might not be as focused.