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Well we just completed the video about what’s inside the basic line board manual 101. From tool usage, knock down to the unique ding removal process. You’ll appreciate the effort and design layout that helped achieve a helpful guide about the line board and the basic pdr process.

The manual is designed for new and veteran techs who want to expand their knowledge about PDR. We offer the line board technique that gives a different perspective and approach for knocking down, crowns, tool usage, board angle and obviously the dent removal process itself. Using the line board is a whole new way of looking at things and we help open up your knowledge by recognizing the strong benefit of using the lines.

We will be working on the “advanced” line board manual that involves trapped pressure, deep body lines, creases and much more in the future. But for now, watch the highlight video regarding what’s inside. We know you’ll enjoy this line board manual 101 no matter what your level of experience. Please visit for more info and purchasing.