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PDR Dent Gun Mini Lifter – Quick Look

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OI6A2820As Paintless dent removal keeps evolving, so are the tools. Something that caught my eye was the Dent Gun from Keco. Keco for the first time had a booth at Mobile Tech Expo this year. It’s a mini lifter shaped like a gun. Technically it’s not very mini at all but the benefits are something to consider over your traditional lifter.

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Upcoming Big Dent Repair Video

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I had a nice dent to do before Labor Day weekend and this dent I had to say was a nice little challenge. Very stretched, sharp and hard to handle dent that had a crazy crown just one inch about the body line. I won’t give too much away but let’s say you will definitely want to see how it went. Stay tuned as I will explain the details later. Meanwhile take a sneak peek at the iPhone dent video.

YouTube Video

— Myke Toledo

Franchise Don’t Mean Better

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I recently went out to do a customer who owned a Mitsubishi Eclipse. He had a crease dent that went through a body line on the rear quarter panel.

An experienced pdr technician understands access is almost impossible from the rear quarter panels. I was inspecting the vehicle and noticed underneath that there were recently drilled holes and 2 out 3 were not even plugged! One was somewhat plugged with some red looking silicone sealant.

The customer then stated he went to a competitor of mine (Who is a Franchise) and they drilled holes to access the dent. The only good thing is that they informed him but failed to tell him they didn’t bother to plug the other holes.

I removed 90% of this dent without creating harm to vehicle. I used a glue pull technique that removes the dent from the outside. Body lines are very hard to do because it is one of the strongest parts of the vehicle which holds the most tension. As you will see in the video, it is only noticeable with the line board. The line board is extremely detailed and can show the most hidden flaws like it’s being magnified.

My point is, if you think all pdr companies are the same, you could end up with not only an unsatisfactory repair but risk your vehicle being hacked up. Make sure you carefully do your homework and choose quality before a cheap price. If it sounds to good to be true, then it is. An experienced company like Dent Time is not the cheapest for good reason. Our customers understand that quality has value and doing things right are far more worth than cutting cost and risking a bad repair.

Please take some time and watch how this repair went.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

— Myke Toledo

Crease Dent Repair – Ride Along Video (Episode 2) Learning Paintless Ding Removal

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What’s up everyone, I just had a chance to edit this video for the Ride a Long (Episode 2). It’s about a nice little crease that was hit on the front fender of a Yukon.

I am going to be featuring this repair in depth on a new dvd called “Glue Pull Practicals” that explains the glue system I chose to use, what tool tips I use and why and how and where to knock down. This repair took about 2 1/2 hours to remove with very little evidence the crease dent was ever there.

With paintless dent repair / removal, creases are considered one of the most challenging and hardest to master. Your pushes have to be so accurate that if you miss, expect to see a up and down zipper effect. Basically skip marks in the panel. Crease need lots of time to master and patience. There is no fast way to learn. It’s all about technique, patience and the tools. Once performed about a thousand times, you start to get a little faster. No matter how good you become, speed won’t matter to you.. the quality of the repair will.

So I hope you like and please comment. Thank you.

-Myke Toledo


Escape PDR Dent Repair – Glue Pull

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(San Diego – Oceanside) On Saturday, I had an opportunity to remove this dent from a Ford Escape. It was one of our repeats who was unfortunate to get this dent on the rear quarter panel.

So I broke out the glue system for demonstration purposes that will be featured on the new Glue Pull Practicals next month. To be honest, most of this dent would have pooped out using a strong suction cup and them pushing the rest with a soft tip.

The Escape was in great condition with tons of wax on the panel which made my job difficult getting the glue to adhere good to the panel. If this ever happens to you, come prepared like I did not. You need to get some light compound and rub on the panel so it creates a surface for the glue to grip. Or if you don’t have that, perhaps if you’re brave enough, try using some 2000 sand paper and scoring the clear just enough.

Next was removing the crown which most techs underestimate. Using the right tap down tips are crucial so you don’t get those tap down pits. Choosing the right knock down tips helps you from spending more time fixing what you could have prevented in the first place.  As you can see the dent came out and all was well. You’ll just have to see the exact details when the new video comes out next month.  For more info please contact Myke Toledo at 858-699-2054 or visit our website at www.denttime.com

Big Dent Demo

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