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Well, this is simply over the top. A so called company posts a pdr video on youtube ( is pretending they did the work done by myself and my trainees earlier this year.

Talk about stupid. The dent I did was not by any means easy and not hard to miss. So why would anyone claim this was their work besides myself? What a complete IDIOT! Here is my original post The REAL AND ORIGINAL POST in June 26th.

So what am I going to do about it? I will give him 24 hours to remove the video from his channel. If he does not, I will produce the most embarrassing video about fake pdr companies claiming they do original work. My personal opinion is that it;s not worth jeopardizing your own reputation by riding on someone others.

If you don’t see the video anymore, then he removed it. If you still do, then you know he really doesn’t care and runs his business the same way.